3 Tips on transporting oversized loads safely on our roads

If you don’t know much about transporting oversized loads on our roads, the whole endeavour can seem overly complicated and very time consuming. In essence, you can’t just load up your truck and hit the road, because if you really need an oversized load transport truck and not your old flatbed, you can be hit with some serious fines.

Companies that specialise in oversize transport services have all of this information at their fingertips. Regular business owners however, might not realise that their big loads require special handling and must adhere to specific state rules and regulations.

If you have a big load that needs to be moved, here is a short overview of your responsibilities to ensure that you keep everything legal.

Do you require oversized load transport?

The maximum dimensions for trucks hauling one trailer (pig trailer, dog trailer or tag trailer) are different to those for a prime mover semitrailer combination (drop decks, low loaders, loader dollies, jinkers and extendable trailers). This means that to decide whether or not you need oversize transport services, you must match the size of your load to your truck and each state has their own rules, which complicates the matter even further.

Transporting oversized loads requires permits

If you have decided that your load is oversized, you will need to obtain permits from each state along your route. You will also need to decide whether or not you need a pilot vehicle and police escort, and whether you can travel during the day or at night. Obtaining all of these permits can take time, but hitting the road in an oversized load transport truck without the correct permits will cost you a serious amount of money in fines.

Checking out the route for your oversized load transport

Some oversized loads cannot travel through towns or cities or are restricted to specific times during the night. There might also be roadworks, tree branches, low bridges, and electrical cables that cause problems, all requiring you to liaise with local councils. You also need to ensure that the route has sufficient fuel stops and layover areas.

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