4 Golden rules for organisation growth within the oversized transport and logistics industry

The transport & logistics business is undergoing constant change, but some companies find the balance between making a profit and investing in their company to be a serious challenge.

The fact is that if a business wants to grow and expand in today’s fast paced world, then capital expenditure is a given. This truism applies to transportation services, as well as to any other industry in Australia. The question remains however – how can logistics solutions companies make a profit when consumers demand better and faster services at lower prices?

At Forrest Logistics, we dealt with this problem for many years and in the process, we have found that there are four golden rules for success in any market.

  1. Constructive dissatisfaction: A company culture of constructive dissatisfaction works wonders for creating an innovative mindset leading to continuous improvements in how we operate our transportation services. Every aspect of transport & logistics is on the table and we focus on making quick decisions, moving to testing quickly, so we don’t waste time procrastinating.
  2. Employee collaboration: At Forrest Logistics, we recognise that identifying problems and finding innovative solutions, whether these are aimed at streamlining our operations or finding ground-breaking logistics solutions for our clients, requires input from various departments, all working together to achieve a shared goal.
  3. Progressive innovation: When you solve your client’s problems, you often solve many of your own problems at the same time. This is because, when you align logistics solutions so that they fully support your client’s business strategies, your client can see the value in your new approach. Progressive innovation is a cornerstone of transportation services in the 21st Century and has a direct impact on organisational growth and capital expenditure.
  4. Failure is constructive: Not every solution will achieve a positive end point, some will not work at all and others may only move a small way towards achieving your goal. With a mindset that all failures are constructive, innovation is not dampened; instead we learn from these failures, leveraging this knowledge to create bigger and better transport & logistics solutions.

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