5 Factors to consider when transporting oversized loads in Australia

Transporting oversized loads in Australia is a specialised business. This means that if your company has a big load that needs to be delivered, you might need to talk to your local oversize transport services, before you hit the road. It is so easy to get the dimensions wrong and end up being pulled over by the police, because your load is too big for the truck and you should have used a pilot vehicle.

So here are 5 factors to consider, before you put the pedal to the metal.

  1. Truck limits: It is essential that you know the legal size limits for trucks on our roads. Knowing when you are fine to transport the load yourself and when you need to use oversized load transport trucks instead, can make a huge difference to your day. Each state will have their own limits and if you travel interstate it becomes even more complicated – so do your research before you leave.
  2. Weight limits: You not only have size limits for transporting oversized loads, but you also have weight limitations as well. Certain weight loads need a set number of axels and the number of axels is also limited on our roads. The entire situation can become quite complicated, so if you are uncertain about the regulations, it pays to engage a company that specialises in oversize transport services.
  3. Pilot vehicles: Do you need a pilot vehicle or police escort for your road transport? There are rules that outline whether or not you need a pilot vehicle or a police escort depending on the size of the oversized load transport, whether it is day or night, and whether you are hauling one trailer or a prime mover and semi-trailer combination.
  4. Safety signs: When you are transporting oversized loads on our roads you will require a number of safety signs and flashing lights to make sure that you can be seen easily on the road. Each state will outline what safety signs are needed, so you will need to contact the transport department of your state to make sure that you adhere to these regulations.

For specialist assistance transporting oversized loads in Australia, why not get a quote online today?