5 Reasons a Pilot Vehicle is Crucial for Vehicles With Oversized Loads

You will have most probably seen a pilot vehicle on the road accompanying oversized or over weight trucks. Their purpose is to escort the truck, keeping everyone safe on the roads and they play an important part in road safety by controlling the surrounding traffic and warning the truck driver of any upcoming hazards.

The driver of a pilot vehicle is a trained professional who has a vast amount of experience in this type of driving and keeps in constant touch the truck driver. Their role involves a risk assessment of the route, identifying obstacles or issues on the road and finding workable and safe solutions. A pilot vehicle is essential for heavy haul trucks, for the following 5 reasons:

1. Identify load restrictions: The work of a pilot driver starts before the trip, because they need to ensure that the truck can safely carry the load, work out a preferred and an alternate route and make sure that all the correct permits are to hand.
2. Review the route: Fuel stops and overnight stops need to be arranged and obstacles or hazards identified (for example, rail crossings, low bridges, power cables across roads, condition of roads, road works).
3. Warning the public: When a pilot vehicle travels in front of a truck carrying an oversized load, they can warn other road users that a wide load is coming, so that they can give it a wide birth.
4. Warning the truck driver: If there are any obstacles ahead, such as traffic jams, accidents, low hanging branches or narrow, winding roads, the driver of the pilot car can radio the truck driver and give a warning or work out a solution to the problem.
5. Liaise with electrical contractors: In many cases, when an oversized truck has to navigate towns, villages or cities, the top of the load is likely to catch on low hanging power cables. Assistance from electrical workers will have been previously arranged, but the driver of the pilot car will still need to liaise with these workers on site to ensure safe passage for the truck.

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