7 tips for taking a drop deck extendable trailer on the road

A drop deck extendable trailer is used for hauling heavy oversized loads on the road and takes a particular type of skillset to accomplish safely, as well as keeping within a tight budget and fixed deadline. If you are considering hauling your own drop deck trailers across Australia with an oversized load, here are 7 tips will keep everyone safe on the road.

  1. Understand the regulations: All states and territories across Australia have rules and regulations governing the transport of oversized loads on our roads, whether this is on an extendable trailer, prime mover or other type of heavy haulage truck. You must know and understand all of these rules, before you hit the road.
  2. Obtain all permits: All oversized loads need to obtain the correct permits before heading out and this includes permits for driving within urban and city areas. Whether or not you need a permit for your drop deck extendable trailer or heavy haulage truck depends on the dimensions of your load and truck, and you will also need to complete a form to apply for a police escort if needed.
  3. Research the route: You will need to map out the route, avoiding heavy traffic areas, road works, low hanging branches and bridges, and narrow corners. Heavy haulage trucks and drop deck trailers need a wide turning angle, so it is essential that you select the safest route to your destination, including fuel stops and overnight stops as needed. Timing is essential, particularly if you are restricted to driving between certain hours.
  4. Use the right trailer: Selecting the right type of transport for your heavy and oversized load is essential, otherwise you can jeopardise the project and put everyone’s safety at risk. The most common trucks used for heavy haulage are drop deck extendable trailers, drop deck trailers, and extendable trailers.
  5. Secure the load: You need to make sure that the weight of the load is equally distributed across the axles of the trailer, to reduce the likelihood of a blowout. Also, the load needs to be restrained, so that it doesn’t move during transit.
  6. Hire experienced drivers: Driving heavy, oversized loads is not something that any driver can do, instead it requires a very skilled and experienced driver. If your company doesn’t have anyone with this type of experience, give us a call and we can help you out.
  7. Pilot trucks: Not all oversized truck loads need to be escorted by a pilot vehicle, but if your load qualifies, you might need one in front and even one behind as well. An experienced oversize trucking company will know whether you need a pilot car or not.

If you need a drop deck extendable trailer, drop deck trailer or extendable trailer for your next oversized load transportation, get a quote online today.