Are accidents common when transporting oversized loads?

Transporting oversized loads on our roads is a highly specialised business and if not undertaken by experienced oversize transport services, can result in serious accidents. Fortunately, few if any oversized truck loads are ever involved in serious accidents in Australia, mainly because of the enormous number of safety factors that are built into every heavy haulage project.

Forrest Logistics are one of the leading oversize transport services in Australia and we are proud to say that we have an excellent safety record. Some of the safety measures that are necessary when transporting oversized loads include the right equipment, pilot vehicles, veteran drivers and an experienced project manager to oversee the job.

Transporting oversized loads requires the right equipment

Without the right equipment to haul these heavy loads, more accidents would happen on our roads. This is why businesses turn to experienced oversize transport services who have the right type of trucks, ensuring that their loads arrive safely at their destination.

Pilot vehicles can be vital for safely delivering oversized truck loads

Pilot vehicles are quite often one of the biggest factors in keeping our truck drivers safe on the roads. This is because they warn the truck driver of any hazards or obstacles on the road, and they also warn other road users that a large oversized truck is on its way.

We only employ veteran truck drivers

All of our truck drivers are highly experienced veterans and have thousands and thousands of miles under their belts. We rely heavily on our truck drivers to bring home their heavy loads safely and they have never let us down. Driving these oversized truck loads is no mean feat and it takes years of experience and know-how to gain the confidence and the skills that are needed when transporting oversized loads on our roads.

All of our project managers are highly experienced

The entire job is pulled together and supervised by our experienced project managers who scout out the best routes, organise fuel stops and overnight stays, co-ordinate with police and road works, contact electrical contractors for low hanging cables, councils about low hanging branches, and obtain all of the necessary permits for transporting oversized loads.

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