Are the cheapest oversized transportation services the best?

When it comes to oversized transportation services, you usually have to dig deep into your budget, because they don’t come cheap. Professional transport logistics for oversized vehicles is a skilled occupation, requiring years of experience to make it all operate smoothly. With the pressure to cut costs however, it’s understandable that companies want to reduce their overheads and opt for the cheapest options.

Queensland road transport is a competitive business, however there are some costs you can’t cut without reducing services. If your business is in the market for oversized transport logistics, here are three reasons why cheap isn’t always best.

  1. Experience & safety costs us money: As you can imagine, when prices are cheap, something has to give and usually this means that experience and safety go out the window. Experienced drivers and transport logistics teams make sure that your oversized loads arrive safely at their destination and these professionals need to be paid a decent wage. Choosing the cheapest transportation services, usually means less experience on the road and shorter timeframes, endangering not only the driver and your load, but also anyone else on the road.
  2. Good customer service costs us money: Customer service is an essential component of any professional company that offers oversized transport logistics. At Forrest Logistics, this includes liaising with our customers at all stages of the project, ensuring that our trucks are well maintained, our drivers experienced and up to date with all safety measures, as well as customising trucks to suit individual customer’s needs. All of this costs money, which cheap Queensland road transport companies won’t have the budget to accommodate.
  3. Damaged loads costs you money: Often, the cost of your oversized loads is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – just imagine leaving this type of load in the hands of amateurs. In our experience, cheap transportation services just want to get from A to B as fast as possible and don’t pay much attention to your load. Their priority is arriving at their destination and getting paid, not looking after your load every inch of the way to make sure it arrives in a pristine condition.

If you are in the market for professional transport logistics with good standing and a reputation for a quality service, why not get a quote online today?