How do specialised transport companies get your oversized truck loads from A to B?

Moving oversized truck loads across Australia is a complex business, requiring specialised transport and people who know all of the rules and regulations. Oversized loads can be anything from steel pipes to excavators, switch rooms and precast concrete, items that cannot be dismantled without threatening its structural integrity and must be transported intact on our roads.

As you can imagine, taking these loads on our roads can be a serious hazard to the public, which is why you need the help of a company that specialises in oversize transport services to manage the job for you.

Stages involved in moving oversized truck loads

Forrest Logistics has a long standing reputation for moving oversized truck loads, and project managing the entire operation from loading to unloading, and ensuring that your loads arrive safely at their destination. Not every transport company can move these big loads, because it takes a lot of knowledge to put this type of operation together. For example, you need specialised transport, trailers and equipment, and you also need pilot trucks, skilled drivers and a full understanding of the rules and regulations.

When you run an oversize transport services company, managing this type of job starts well in advance of the actual loading, as the entire route has to be mapped out. We need to organise fuel stops and rest overs along the route, check for any hazards, such as low hanging branches, narrow roads, low bridges, overhead electrical cables and of course, road works.

We will need to contact the local councils and other appropriate people along the route to arrange for cables to be lifted, branches to be lifted or cut, and also apply for the correct permits to allow us to take oversized truck loads through towns and city centres. The loads we carry can be so big that we often need a police escort for part of the journey and sometimes we can’t take these big loads through a city. We can also be restricted to travelling at night, causing as little disruption to local traffic as possible.

If you need specialised transport to move your oversized truck loads from A to B, get a quote online today or call us on 0407 759 483 and we can start organising your next trip immediately.