How do you become a pilot car driver?

A pilot car driver is often a necessary requirement when hauling heavy oversized loads on our roads. This is because a pilot vehicle that accompanies our specialised transport trucks, either travels ahead or behind the truck to ensure that both the driver of the truck and the public are always kept safe.

However, the job of a pilot driver involves more than just following along with these heavy loads. These drivers must have an intimate knowledge of the route and be on the lookout for any hazards or dangers, well in advance of the truck. Large haulage trucks don’t have a lot of manoeuvrability and they don’t stop very quickly, so the pilot vehicle is there to give plenty of notice and directions to the heavy haulage driver, particularly in and around built-up areas.

It is important to realise that not just anyone can hop into a pilot vehicle and tag along with an oversized truck. Pilot car drivers must be qualified and accredited in the state or territory where they live, however once accredited, they can accompany our specialised transport trucks interstate, but they must abide by all rules in every state or territory.

Steps to become an accredited pilot car driver

  1. You must either hold a current Australian or New Zealand driving licence or have previously had an open licence. In the latter circumstances, you must hold a probationary or restricted driving licence for a car.
  2. You must meet the competency requirements, which can be achieved in two ways. First you can provide a Statement of Attainment (TLIC3010) for a Pilot or Escort of Oversized Vehicles and/or Overmassed Loads, issued by a registered training facility. Alternatively, you need to sit and pass a written test at your local Department of Transport and Main Roads.
  3. You then need to apply for your pilot car driver licence, using the accreditation application form (F4483) and submit this to your local Department of Transport and Main Roads. Pay the application fee and you will be given a Pilot Vehicle Driver Level 1 licence that lasts for 3 years.

As you can see, our pilot car drivers are qualified, accredited and highly experienced, helping to make sure that all of our specialised transport trucks are safe on the road.

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