How to select the best heavy machinery movers

Many companies need heavy machinery transported from one place to another and for that you will need the best heavy machinery movers available. You are most probably already aware that Queensland Road Transport regulates the movement of heavy oversized loads on our roads, so you will need a company that specialises in logistics solutions to ensure that your project comes off without a hitch.

The problem is in finding the best machinery movers for the job. So if you are in the market for a company that specialises in logistics solutions for heavy haulage, here are three tips that should set you on the right path.

Ask around your industry for reputable machinery movers

At some point or another, everyone in your industry will need to transport heavy machinery, so it makes sense to ask around your network for recommendations. If there is a company that specialises in logistics solutions for heavy and oversized machinery, then someone is going to have their number. If more than one person recommends the same company, then it’s a fair bet these are the machinery movers you need.

Look for a company that has experience in logistics solutions

When you have the name of a company to call, you need to make sure that they can handle all aspects of the job. You need someone who has spent years in the business and knows have to run the entire operation from start to finish. They not only need to be experienced machinery movers, but they need to know about pilot cars, police escorts, permits, routes and state regulations. Liaising with Queensland Road Transport is also an important part of the job, so do your research and select the most experienced company in your area.

Are they local or national?

If you want your machinery moved across Australia and through different states, you need a company that does this every day. There is no point in hiring a heavy haulage logistics solutions company if they only operate in Queensland, but you need your machinery delivered to Perth. So even though they are experienced in the industry, the company you select needs to have interstate experience for your loads.

If you are looking for machinery movers who work interstate, get a quote online today.