How to transport over dimensional loads in Queensland

As a logistics company that specialises in oversize transport services, we know that there are a lot of arrangements that need to be completed before you can take to the road. The Queensland Road Transport Department has a long set of rules and regulations that must be followed by whomever is in charge of the transport logistics, as do the other Australian states.

These rules include information concerning travel permits, the type and size of trucks that can be used, safety measures that must be put in place, pilot truck services, who can and cannot drive a pilot vehicle, and areas you can and cannot travel. Let’s take a look at some of these regulations, so you have a better idea of what to expect from our oversize transport services.

Permits: Every oversized load must comply to the relevant guidelines or gazette, or obtain a specific single trip permit from Queensland Road Transport, which is based on the designated route. This is why the route must be thoroughly investigated by your logistics team, before applying for these permits.

Type and size of trucks: Any oversize transport services company will know that there are specific restrictions on the height, width and length that can overhang the edges of your truck. Queensland Road Transport is extremely strict on adhering to these rules, and will not allow you on the road if your loads are not within the legal limits.

Pilot truck services: There are particular high risk loads and high risk routes that will require the expertise of our pilot truck services on the road. These can be front or rear pilot vehicles and ensure the safety of everyone on the road when an oversized load is en route. A pilot vehicle is also essential when the route includes railway crossings, council roadworks, low hanging branches and cables, as well as for loads that drive under the posted speed limit due to their size and weight.

Other safety measures: These include safety flags, oversize load signs and wide load banners. There are also rules regarding where you can stop and park your oversized load, when and where you must use low gears to avoid accidents and how much distance you must leave between the pilot vehicle, your oversized truck and the surrounding vehicles.

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