How we handle transporting oversized loads

In the transportation industry, transporting oversized loads on urban, rural and outback roads is not something that can be left to guess work, requiring an experienced project management team at the helm.

Forest Logistics have this experience, as well as a reputation for providing specialised solutions for transporting oversized loads. Our staff liaise with all necessary personal, obtain all permits, research the routes and co-ordinate transport, drivers and pilot vehicles, ensuring that the delivery runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Transportation requirements

The transportation industry requires that the dimension limits and loading requirements of all trucks used in transporting oversized loads are known and adhered to rigidly. These specifications relate to the type of load, and whether the load is indivisible, whether the truck needs to travel at night or requires a pilot and/or police escort.

The preferred route for the oversized load must minimise the inconvenience to other road users and all permits must be obtained prior to departure. In cases where low lying branches or electrical cables need to be navigated along the route, all relevant authorities need to be on board. As project managers, we must work within the guidelines set out by the transportation industry. This means that we organise all of the required transport for oversized loads, as well as the pilot vehicles and drivers. We also inspect the routes, ensuring that it is suitable for an oversized load and calculate all fuel stops, overnight stays and the distance to be travelled.

Approvals and travel restrictions

Permits and travel restrictions can change depending on where you are in Australia and each state has slight variations. When transporting oversized loads, we apply for all the necessary day and night travel permits in each state, as well as any police escort permits, ensuring that they are all in hand before the journey commences.

We also need to be aware of any road works along the route, liaising with the necessary authorities, ensuring that our oversized load will be able to navigate the road works safely. There are also restrictions on public holidays and in city centres, all of which need to be included in our schedule and accounted for when we plan the route.

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