The future of transport & logistics in Australia

Transport & logistics has come a long way over the last ten to twenty years, but what does the future hold for the Australian transportation industry? We have thought long and hard about this topic and we have decided that the biggest advances will be in the software management applications used by ourselves and our tech-savvy industry partners.

Software management systems for heavy industry transportation services are fast becoming an essential component in cutting costs, streamlining systems and increasing efficiency. All of which assists transport & logistics companies to remain at the top of their game in a changing and increasingly saturated market space.

Any transportation company who wants to be successful in the current market must leverage the services provided by a transport management system to optimise their planning & decision making and measure their performance indicators. Without such a system, transportation companies are becoming increasingly unable to provide a fast, efficient and quality service to their customers.

So, if you want to position your transportation company in the right place for future growth, here are our top 3 predictions for the future of transport & logistics in Australia.

Cloud based systems: It’s way past time that transportation companies need to spend a fortune on network and IT infrastructure just to setup a software management system. With the popularity of cloud based systems in other industries, we will soon see the cloud being leveraged by the transportation industry, allowing companies to cut costs, scale their businesses and manage their operations from anywhere in the world.

Full integration: Very soon transport & logistics companies won’t have to worry about expensive integration of their different software systems, because with advanced technology these will easily integrate into existing systems. Artificial intelligence, GPS satellites, smart phones and 3D printers will all be easily incorporated into one streamlined system dedicated to the transportation industry.

Improved decision making: Integrating transportation management software with marketing and sales data will become an integral part of optimising businesses who specialise in transportation services. Ultimately, businesses will be able to calculate the cost of every load on the road, as well as the costs of any potential capacity restraints, optimising their business both on the fly and in real time.

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