The top 4 mistakes in transporting oversized truck loads

Transporting oversized truck loads on public roads requires expert knowledge and you must adhere to all road safety rules and regulations, across Australia. For example if your oversized truck loads start in Queensland, but end in New South Wales, then you must adhere to the rules and regulations published by both the NSW and the Queensland Road Transport Departments.

As an example, let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes made by haulers of oversized truck loads when they do not adhere to the Queensland Road Transport rules and regulations.

  1. Not having an escort vehicle: An escort vehicle must be used under many different circumstances. Requirements in each state vary slightly but the main reason for them doesn’t differ. The Pilots or Escorts are there to assist and guide the driver during transit, and most importantly assist the public road users in staying safe when sharing the road with large oversize loads. Failing to use a Pilot when guidelines outline one is needed is gross misconduct and may endanger public or cause damage to property or infrastructure.
  2. Not using safety warning lights: These lights warn other road users, both during the day and especially at night, that there is a hazard ahead. In this case, the hazard is the oversized truck, which means that other road users must alter their driving behaviour to maintain safety on the roads.
  3. Not displaying an oversize sign: These signs warn other road users, both during the day and night. The sign is a specific size with clearly marked lettering which instructs the public an oversize load is on the road. At night the lights of the other road users as well as the rotating warning lights will illuminate the sign for easy identification.
  4. Not adhering to size restrictions: If you read the Queensland Road Transport rules and regulations for oversized loads there are clear restrictions on the weight, length, width and height of loads and the types of trucks that are required to transport these loads. Ignorance can cause fatal accidents on our roads.

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