The top 5 industries that use oversize transport services

At Forrest Logistics, we specialise in transporting oversized loads on our roads and freeways. An oversize load is a “non-divisible” load, meaning that it cannot be separated into smaller units without damaging the load. Consequently, the weight and the size of the load requires it to be transported on a truck, which is why we need oversize transport services to manage this type of hazardous procedure.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the industries in Australia that make use of our oversize transport services, so you can understand why these loads are so large.

  1. Steel fabrication: As you can imagine, structural steel fabrication comes in all shapes and sizes, and the larger pieces will lose their integrity if they are cut down in size. This means that we are frequently called in to manage the transportation and logistics of these loads on our roads throughout Australia.
  2. Switch room and portable buildings: Clearly a switch room cannot be cut down to size and portable buildings also have their limitations, as far as being divisible is concerned. Transporting oversized loads such as these, can be very challenging, but with our safety record, we are up to the job.
  3. Rail: Supplying railway line in longer lengths enables the contractor to speed up the insulation process when laying new tracks. The longer the lengths, the less welding required to join the line. Forrest Logistics transports oversize loads of railway line throughout Australia..
  4. Steel pipe manufacturing: Steel pipes are cut into specific lengths, but they can only be reduced in size so far, before they lose their integrity. Transporting these oversized loads requires special cradles to keep the pipes from moving around and from being damaged during the trip.
  5. Mining industry: The majority of the earthmoving and mining equipment used by the mining industry are extremely large. This requires our oversize transport services to come on board and manage the delivery of these items, so they arrive safely at the mine sites.

Transporting oversized loads requires years of experience and a solid reputation for safety and timely deliveries. Get a quote online today or call us on 0407 759 483 to discuss your requirements.