Tips on keeping heavy machinery movers on the road

Within the transportation industry, heavy machinery movers need constant maintenance to keep them in good working order and on the road. This philosophy applies just as easily to companies that specialise in oversize transportation services, as it does to the clients who use these services.

Whilst all our heavy machinery movers undergo regular servicing and constant maintenance, at Forrest Logistics we also focus on 3 key areas to ensure that our trucks and movers run efficiently and are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Operator/driver training: Making sure that all operators and drivers have been fully trained on all machinery movers that might be used during their working day, and that this training is continually updated, is essential for two reasons. The first reason is for safety, because no untrained employees should be allowed to operate or drive any heavy machinery without completing the required training. The second reason is to ensure that you always have trained personnel on hand to drive or operate these movers, otherwise deadlines can be missed and clients become dissatisfied with your transportation services.

Use the best lubricants: In the transportation industry, every hour the trucks or movers are delayed costs money. One of the areas that we pay great attention to is purchasing the very best lubricants for all our trucks and machinery movers, as this extends the life of our heavy equipment and is a small price to pay for keeping our business on the road. We also test our oil, as this is a good way to identify internal wear and tear that can’t be seen on inspection, giving us a heads-up that parts might need to be replaced.

Replace worn parts: At Forrest Logistics, we always replace parts as soon as they appear to be worn, because we know that one small and inexpensive worn part can lead to more extensive and costly damage if ignored. Heavy, over size machinery movers take a beating on the road and to keep them running day after day, you need to look for unusual vibrations, excessive temperatures and worn parts, all of which may indicate a potential problem if not investigated.

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