Transport of steel or concrete? No job is too big!

At Forrest Logistics in Brisbane, we are well known for our expertise in transporting oversized loads on Aussie roads. In particular, we specialise in the transport of steel and precast concrete from the plant to its final destination, including project management and pilot vehicles as needed.

Steel transport is a specialised job, and in many cases requires customised cradles to ensure that the loads are not damaged during transit. The loading, unloading and transport of precast concrete is another area that needs expertise, ensuring that the structural integrity of the loads is not damaged during any part of the transportation process.

Whatever large, oversize or cumbersome loads you need transported on our roads, Forrest Logistics is the company to call when you want it done right, first time.

The safe transport of steel on our roads

Whether it is structural steel or high precision tubular steel products, our customers demand that their oversized steel loads arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they left the plant. For this to happen, our drivers undergo extensive training and have access to the latest equipment, ensuring that your loads are safe as houses on the road.

Steel transport in Brisbane is big business and with our expertise and industry knowledge, we have become the leading company in transporting steel around the country.

The safe transport of precast concrete on our roads

The safe transport of precast concrete is a delicate business and any mishap can result in a loss in the integrity of these products. This is why we have a fleet of trucks that are constantly maintained and drivers and loaders that are trained in handling concrete panels, beams and pylons, keeping these items restrained and fully secure throughout the trip.

Forrest Logistics is well positioned as the leading company in the safe transport of steel and precast concrete in Brisbane and around Australia. We continue to strive for excellence and provide our customers with a full transportation service, including pilot vehicles as necessary.

Get a quote online today or call us on 0407 759 483 to discuss how we can assist with the transport of steel or precast concrete for your company in Brisbane.