Flat top trailers are one of the most popular trailers used in Australia, because of their versatility in how they can be loaded and in the type of loads they can carry. These trailers can be loaded from the sides, top or rear of the trailer and with options, such as a step deck and a stretch trailer, they are the first port of call as machinery movers.

Step decks in particular (also known as drop deck trailers) are used to haul loads that are too high for regular flat top trailers, whilst extendable flatbeds are used for freight that is too long for other trailers.

Common uses of flat top trailers in Australia

One of the most frequent uses of flat tops is to transport farm produce, such as hay bales and farm machinery. As machinery movers, they offer the size and stability that is needed for such heavy and cumbersome loads, and usually more than one piece of farm machinery can be freighted at one time.

In general, flat bed trailers are used for bulky, heavy or large pieces of equipment, timber or produce, for example vehicles, metal, pipes, cable and a host of other freight. If you add a side kit to the trailer, its versatility increases rapidly, because you can carry livestock, scrap metal and other types of freight that needs to be contained.

Even though these trailers are used by a variety of industries, flat top trailers are synonymous with the farming industry, and are recognised as heavy duty machinery movers.

Another frequent use for these trailers, seen by people in and around cities, is to transport containers to and from ports. If you have ever driven close to an Australian port, you will have seen these containers stacked up waiting to be loaded onto ships or trains, or to be loaded onto flat top trailers.

At Forrest Logistics, when we manage the transportation of your oversized loads, we will also arrange for all of the trailers, dollies, prime movers, pilot vehicles and drivers, as well as any necessary permits, and research the route, fuel stops etc.

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