What does it take to be a leader in oversize transport logistics?

Forrest Logistics is a leader in oversized transport logistics and one of the reasons is because we have so much faith in our team of specialists. It takes time to build a team of people who have the experience we need and the confidence to come up with workable logistics solutions as they are needed in Brisbane.

Logistics isn’t for everyone and it takes a particular type of person to have the dedication and the creativity to see it through to the end. We encourage all members of our team to excel and to exceed their own expectations, learning to make the right decisions for the safe delivery of our customer’s loads, all under the watchful eye of our more experienced team members.

Learning by making mistakes in transport logistics

Whilst our customers will be glad to know that we don’t encourage mistakes, we can all agree that one of the best ways to learn is to make mistakes. This is why we give our junior team members the freedom to make these mistakes, so that they can learn from their own experiences in transport logistics.

Our more experienced team leaders will always pick up any issues, helping junior members to make better decisions and becoming more confident in designing creative logistics solutions for our customers. We don’t want our staff to be afraid of making mistakes, because this stunts their creativity, which our customers rely on for many of our more difficult and complex projects.

When good people make mistakes, they already berate themselves enough, so all we need to do to start resolving the problem is to point it out to them and give them time to come up with a better solution. If they can’t see anyway forward, then the team leader can discuss the problem with them, explaining the holes in their solution and coming up with alternative logistics solutions that works better for our customer’s requirements.

Berating and belittling people for making mistakes hinders their ability to own their mistakes and to come up with better solutions. This is particularly vital in such a demanding environment as oversize transport logistics, where making mistakes can be countered by more experienced staff, giving junior members the time to build trust in themselves and in their decision making.

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