What haulage solutions do we offer for your oversized truck loads?

At Forrest Logistics we specialise in hauling heavy, cumbersome and oversized truck loads across Australia and we have a large fleet of well-maintained haulage trucks in our fleet. Most of our jobs require a steerage jinker or a dolly, along with an extendable trailer.

We are always expanding our fleet to accommodate new clients and different types of loads, so if you are searching for an experienced company to project manage your next oversized road transportation, why not call us for a free quote?

Here are just a few of the vehicles we currently have in our fleet, which are kept ready to manage your next oversized truck loads.

Dolly and steerable jinker: These are trailer extensions that can be coupled to a prime mover to maximise the truck’s carrying capacity. Our dolly trailers have 2 or 3 axles with a turntable that attaches to the truck and our steerable jinkers are similar to a dolly, except that they are connected by a pole, cable or the load itself.

Extendable trailer: We have a number of extendable trailers to accommodate oversized truck loads that are too long for regular trucks or even too wide for the truck. Our fleet of extendable trailers includes drop deck trailers, drop deck extendable trailers, a deck widener and an extendable low loader. These trailers are ideal for hauling steel pipes, pre cast concrete, switch rooms and large mining equipment.

Platform trailer: These are ideal for general heavy hauling jobs up to 130 tonnes, but can be extended for larger loads. This type of trailer is used for moving large farm and mining machinery, cranes, trains and general machinery.

Vessel carrier: Sometimes oversized truck loads need to be carried low to the ground, much lower than normal, simply due to their bulk and height. Our vessel carriers are designed to operate with a very low road clearance, making it perfect for this type of oversized load.

Customised trailer: As a heavy haulage expert, we have a number of customised trailers that can be adapted to haul a variety of oversized truck loads for our clients.

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