What is a pilot car?

A pilot car accompanies many oversize loads in Australia. Their purpose is to keep both the driver of the truck and the public safe, when these oversized vehicles are on our roads.

The problem is that these oversized trucks can drive very slowly and take up more than one lane, so they can be a hazard to other traffic, and can have difficulties navigating narrow or winding roads.

Pilot car services are a very necessary component of our trucking industry, but not anyone can hop in a pilot vehicle and take on this role. Let’s take a look at the job of a pilot car driver and then how to become one yourself.

What does the driver of a pilot car do?

These drivers are usually employed by a company that specialises in pilot car services and the job involves a lot more than just driving a car and looking out of the window. The pilot car driver must be aware of all of the risks and hazards along the oversized truck’s route, so he or she is prepared well in advance for any problems.

Hazards such as road works, low hanging branches, signs or electrical cables should all have been discovered before heading off, so that the correct services can be contacted and fixes put in place. The pilot vehicle driver needs to know the exact location of all of these hazards, so that he or she can warn the truck driver as necessary.

The truck driver must also be made aware of any other additional hazards that crop up along the route, such as road traffic accidents, flooding or animals on the road for example.

How do you become a pilot car driver?

Whilst you must become accredited and register as a pilot car driver in the state or territory where you live, you can accompany an oversized vehicle interstate, but must abide by all of the necessary rules. To actually become accredited, you need to pass both a written and a pilot driving test, the particulars of which, you can find on the Queensland Government website, but they will be similar across Australia.

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