What qualifies as an oversized truck load?

In Queensland and across Australia, oversized truck loads are those that exceed the stated weight, width and height restrictions that are safe for our roads and freeways. The loads are oversized because they cannot be dismantled any further and have to be delivered as is, resulting in a very large load.

Companies that offer oversize transport services, must comply with the myriad of regulations that govern these trucks and keep up to date with any legislative changes. The regulations for oversized load transport vehicles can be slightly different, depending on where you are in Australia, so every company must have a thorough understanding of these rules, particularly if they cross interstate lines.

Does the oversized truck load require a pilot vehicle?

Not all oversized truck loads require a pilot vehicle in Australia. For example, if it is below 3.5m in width and 25m in length then it does not need a pilot vehicle. Above these dimensions however, and depending on the size of the load, the truck can need one escort vehicle in front, one behind and one in front, and can even require a police escort vehicle.

All oversized loads require permits to travel on our roads, some can only travel during the day and others require a permit to travel at night. Any company that offers oversize transport services, must check the route in advance, as well as determine the fuel stops along the way. All road works, narrow roads and bridges, winding roads, steep hills, and low lying branches and electrical cables must be identified and the appropriate people contacted.

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