What type of trucks does Forrest Logistics provide?

As a transport & logistics company, specialising in oversized truck loads, Forrest Logistics has a fleet of trucks and other equipment on hand for our clients. For additional equipment we have a first class relationship with other specialised transport contractors that assist Forrest Logistics on an as needed basis.

Equipment used for transporting oversized loads.

  • Jinker and dolly: At Forrest Logistics, we have our own custom made jinkers and dollies. These are is vital to the safe transportation of oversized loads, with the jinkers essential to hauling overly long or wide loads and the dollies for multiple trailers or road trains.
  • Prime movers: As experts in the transport & logistics of oversized loads, we have a range of prime movers that are capable of hauling different sized loads through towns, rural areas and the outback.
  • Flat top trailers: Our fleet consists of a number of flat top trailers, ranging from 40ft up to 48ft long. These are ideal for transporting oversized truck loads as they don’t have any sides to hinder the size of your load.
    Container pin trailers: Many of our trailers are set up with locking container pins, making it easy to transport shipping containers from the port or railway to their final destination. Whilst these are not essential for oversized loads, it is good to know that we have them in our fleet.
  • Extendable trailers: Almost half of our fleet are extendable trailers, ranging from 40ft to 48ft. These can be extended to carry overly long loads of up to around 29 meters long.
  • Drop deck trailers: Also known as low loaders, our drop deck trailers have ramps for drive on access to the trailer bed. We also have extendable drop deck trailers for high, long loads.
  • Tank trailer: This specialised trailer is designed to enable the transportation of oversized loads, in particular very high loads due to a lowered trailer height.

If you have oversized truck loads and require transport & logistics assistance, you can get a quote online or call Forrest Logistics on 0407 759 483.