What types of crane trucks can I hire?

Crane truck hire is a booming business, because it is rarely feasible for a construction company or contractor to own a fleet of crane trucks, certainly not enough to accommodate all of their needs. This means that crane rentals will become part of your ongoing costs, so it pays to know what is available on the market and have a few contacts up your sleeve.

Types of crane trucks for hire

Crane trucks are simply a crane mounted on a truck and the huge benefit of this setup is the mobility of the truck. Anywhere the truck can navigate (and as long as there is enough height clearance), you can position a crane truck. Another reason why crane truck hire is so popular is that most crane trucks are generally small enough to travel on major highways, without being bothered with all of the restrictions of an oversized load. Regardless of size however, most of the trucks will have outriggers to stabilise the truck and crane combination when it is on the job. These stabilisers prevent the assembly tipping over when lifting heavy loads, save the tyres from being overly compressed and help to level the truck on uneven ground.

Crane truck hire not only includes a variety of construction cranes that are mounted on trucks, but also includes loader cranes. These are a hydraulically powered articulated crane (sometimes with a telescopic component) that is fitted to a truck and is used for loading the truck. These crane trucks are ideal for loading and unloading heavy items when a forklift loader is not available and are often used for delivering construction material to job sites.

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