What’s involved in transporting oversized loads

At Forrest Logistics, we are specialists in transporting oversized loads across Australia, so we know exactly what it takes to accomplish this feat. If your company needs to transport an oversized load anywhere at all in Australia, it is essential that you don’t try to do this yourself, but you engage a company that specialises in oversize transport services.

The main reason for this is the safety of pedestrians and traffic on our roads and the safety of everyone who is ‘hands-on’ involved in actually moving the oversized load transport – truck drivers, loaders and pilot drivers.

Whilst safety is an ongoing concern at every stage of the journey when we are transporting oversized loads, there are four areas where most of the problems can occur and require extra vigilance.

  1. Reversing: Reduced visibility when reversing these oversized load transport trucks is a major cause of injuries and deaths in the transport industry. This is why we need to meticulously check the entire route of the journey, before we even load the trucks, selecting a route that minimises the amount of reversing that is required.
  2. Loading and unloading: Anyone who works in oversize transport services knows that this is another area when injuries can occur, which is why we need special heavy duty equipment to load and unload these trucks. We also need to make sure that these oversized loads are secured on the trucks, so that they don’t move in transit, causing problems when unloading commences.
  3. Selecting the trucks: With these massive loads, we need to use the right type of trucks that can take the weight and the unbalanced nature of many of these loads. The wrong truck can cause huge safety issues, which is why we have a fleet of specialist trucks we use for transporting oversized loads.
  4. Towns and cities: Trying to move these huge loads through built-up areas requires a lot of research and time spent on designing the perfect route. Overhanging branches, electrical cables, narrow bends and road works are just some of the safety issues we need to negotiate to safely deliver your oversized load transport to its destination.

If you need specialist oversize transport services for your next delivery, why not get a quote online today?