Are the cheapest oversized transportation services the best?

When it comes to oversized transportation services, you usually have to dig deep into your budget, because they don’t come cheap. Professional transport logistics for oversized vehicles is a skilled occupation, requiring years of experience to make it all operate smoothly. With the pressure to cut costs however, it’s understandable that companies want to reduce their overheads and opt for the cheapest options.

Queensland road transport is a competitive business, however there are some costs you can’t cut without reducing services. If your business is in the market for oversized transport logistics, here are three reasons why cheap isn’t always best.

  1. Experience & safety costs us money: As you can imagine, when prices are cheap, something has to give and usually this means that experience and safety go out the window. Experienced drivers and transport logistics teams make sure that your oversized loads arrive safely at their destination and these professionals need to be paid a decent wage. Choosing the cheapest transportation services, usually means less experience on the road and shorter timeframes, endangering not only the driver and your load, but also anyone else on the road.
  2. Good customer service costs us money: Customer service is an essential component of any professional company that offers oversized transport logistics. At Forrest Logistics, this includes liaising with our customers at all stages of the project, ensuring that our trucks are well maintained, our drivers experienced and up to date with all safety measures, as well as customising trucks to suit individual customer’s needs. All of this costs money, which cheap Queensland road transport companies won’t have the budget to accommodate.
  3. Damaged loads costs you money: Often, the cost of your oversized loads is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars – just imagine leaving this type of load in the hands of amateurs. In our experience, cheap transportation services just want to get from A to B as fast as possible and don’t pay much attention to your load. Their priority is arriving at their destination and getting paid, not looking after your load every inch of the way to make sure it arrives in a pristine condition.

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Tips on keeping heavy machinery movers on the road

Within the transportation industry, heavy machinery movers need constant maintenance to keep them in good working order and on the road. This philosophy applies just as easily to companies that specialise in oversize transportation services, as it does to the clients who use these services.

Whilst all our heavy machinery movers undergo regular servicing and constant maintenance, at Forrest Logistics we also focus on 3 key areas to ensure that our trucks and movers run efficiently and are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Operator/driver training: Making sure that all operators and drivers have been fully trained on all machinery movers that might be used during their working day, and that this training is continually updated, is essential for two reasons. The first reason is for safety, because no untrained employees should be allowed to operate or drive any heavy machinery without completing the required training. The second reason is to ensure that you always have trained personnel on hand to drive or operate these movers, otherwise deadlines can be missed and clients become dissatisfied with your transportation services.

Use the best lubricants: In the transportation industry, every hour the trucks or movers are delayed costs money. One of the areas that we pay great attention to is purchasing the very best lubricants for all our trucks and machinery movers, as this extends the life of our heavy equipment and is a small price to pay for keeping our business on the road. We also test our oil, as this is a good way to identify internal wear and tear that can’t be seen on inspection, giving us a heads-up that parts might need to be replaced.

Replace worn parts: At Forrest Logistics, we always replace parts as soon as they appear to be worn, because we know that one small and inexpensive worn part can lead to more extensive and costly damage if ignored. Heavy, over size machinery movers take a beating on the road and to keep them running day after day, you need to look for unusual vibrations, excessive temperatures and worn parts, all of which may indicate a potential problem if not investigated.

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4 Golden rules for organisation growth within the oversized transport and logistics industry

The transport & logistics business is undergoing constant change, but some companies find the balance between making a profit and investing in their company to be a serious challenge.

The fact is that if a business wants to grow and expand in today’s fast paced world, then capital expenditure is a given. This truism applies to transportation services, as well as to any other industry in Australia. The question remains however – how can logistics solutions companies make a profit when consumers demand better and faster services at lower prices?

At Forrest Logistics, we dealt with this problem for many years and in the process, we have found that there are four golden rules for success in any market.

  1. Constructive dissatisfaction: A company culture of constructive dissatisfaction works wonders for creating an innovative mindset leading to continuous improvements in how we operate our transportation services. Every aspect of transport & logistics is on the table and we focus on making quick decisions, moving to testing quickly, so we don’t waste time procrastinating.
  2. Employee collaboration: At Forrest Logistics, we recognise that identifying problems and finding innovative solutions, whether these are aimed at streamlining our operations or finding ground-breaking logistics solutions for our clients, requires input from various departments, all working together to achieve a shared goal.
  3. Progressive innovation: When you solve your client’s problems, you often solve many of your own problems at the same time. This is because, when you align logistics solutions so that they fully support your client’s business strategies, your client can see the value in your new approach. Progressive innovation is a cornerstone of transportation services in the 21st Century and has a direct impact on organisational growth and capital expenditure.
  4. Failure is constructive: Not every solution will achieve a positive end point, some will not work at all and others may only move a small way towards achieving your goal. With a mindset that all failures are constructive, innovation is not dampened; instead we learn from these failures, leveraging this knowledge to create bigger and better transport & logistics solutions.

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Profile Article on Forrest Logistics – December edition of Australasian Transport News

Check out this article written about Forrest Logistics in the December edition of Australasian Transport News.


“While the image of over-dimension trucking might be one of brawn over brains, Jason Clift knows that getting an oversized load from A to B requires a keen and focused mind. As director of Brisbane-based Forrest Logistics, Clift has learnt over many years that many of the headaches you’ll have in moving the big stuff will come from juggling paperwork and permits, not on the road…” 

Read the full article written by Ricky French on their website

Tips on sharing the road with oversized loads and a pilot vehicle

In Queensland, a pilot vehicle is needed to accompany a heavy oversized load if the load is wider than 3.5m. The wider the load the more likely it will need a pilot car not only in front, but also one behind as well. This makes for a convoy of vehicles on the road that can slow up traffic and cause frustration among drivers, particularly on hills and narrow roads.

It is important to understand that pilot truck services not only keep other road users safe, but they also ensure that the driver of the oversized truck is kept informed of any potential hazards on the road. These include roadworks, low bridges, overhead branches or traffic lights, breakdowns, narrow roads and heavy traffic.

Your best strategy when faced with a heavy load and an accompanying pilot vehicle is to slow down, move over to give the truck extra space if needed, always give way and respond quickly to any instructions or gestures by the driver of the pilot car. Here are a few more tips that will help you to safely navigate around heavy loads that are escorted by pilot truck services.

Stay out of the blind spots: The biggest blind spot for an oversized truck is on the passenger side and it extends for the length of the truck and sideways for two lanes. Sitting in the left hand lane therefore, means that the truck can’t see you and can’t anticipate your moves. It is always best to drive on the right hand side of the truck, remembering that they have a blind spot just behind the cab or alternately at a safe distance behind the truck. This is one of the reasons why a pilot car is so important, because they can let the driver know that you are in their blind spot, ensuring that they don’t move into your lane.

Following behind an oversized vehicle: The safest distance to follow behind an oversized truck depends on your speed, but you need to stay at least the length of truck away, because this is another blind spot for truck drivers. In general, if the truck is travelling at 60km/hr, you need to be at least 75m behind, because your stopping distance at that speed is 73m. At 100km/hr, your stopping distance is 157m, so you need to be at least 160m behind the truck for safety. This is usually not a problem if a pilot vehicle is following an oversized load, because they will keep their distance behind the truck.

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The future of transport & logistics in Australia

Transport & logistics has come a long way over the last ten to twenty years, but what does the future hold for the Australian transportation industry? We have thought long and hard about this topic and we have decided that the biggest advances will be in the software management applications used by ourselves and our tech-savvy industry partners.

Software management systems for heavy industry transportation services are fast becoming an essential component in cutting costs, streamlining systems and increasing efficiency. All of which assists transport & logistics companies to remain at the top of their game in a changing and increasingly saturated market space.

Any transportation company who wants to be successful in the current market must leverage the services provided by a transport management system to optimise their planning & decision making and measure their performance indicators. Without such a system, transportation companies are becoming increasingly unable to provide a fast, efficient and quality service to their customers.

So, if you want to position your transportation company in the right place for future growth, here are our top 3 predictions for the future of transport & logistics in Australia.

Cloud based systems: It’s way past time that transportation companies need to spend a fortune on network and IT infrastructure just to setup a software management system. With the popularity of cloud based systems in other industries, we will soon see the cloud being leveraged by the transportation industry, allowing companies to cut costs, scale their businesses and manage their operations from anywhere in the world.

Full integration: Very soon transport & logistics companies won’t have to worry about expensive integration of their different software systems, because with advanced technology these will easily integrate into existing systems. Artificial intelligence, GPS satellites, smart phones and 3D printers will all be easily incorporated into one streamlined system dedicated to the transportation industry.

Improved decision making: Integrating transportation management software with marketing and sales data will become an integral part of optimising businesses who specialise in transportation services. Ultimately, businesses will be able to calculate the cost of every load on the road, as well as the costs of any potential capacity restraints, optimising their business both on the fly and in real time.

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How to select the best heavy machinery movers

Many companies need heavy machinery transported from one place to another and for that you will need the best heavy machinery movers available. You are most probably already aware that Queensland Road Transport regulates the movement of heavy oversized loads on our roads, so you will need a company that specialises in logistics solutions to ensure that your project comes off without a hitch.

The problem is in finding the best machinery movers for the job. So if you are in the market for a company that specialises in logistics solutions for heavy haulage, here are three tips that should set you on the right path.

Ask around your industry for reputable machinery movers

At some point or another, everyone in your industry will need to transport heavy machinery, so it makes sense to ask around your network for recommendations. If there is a company that specialises in logistics solutions for heavy and oversized machinery, then someone is going to have their number. If more than one person recommends the same company, then it’s a fair bet these are the machinery movers you need.

Look for a company that has experience in logistics solutions

When you have the name of a company to call, you need to make sure that they can handle all aspects of the job. You need someone who has spent years in the business and knows have to run the entire operation from start to finish. They not only need to be experienced machinery movers, but they need to know about pilot cars, police escorts, permits, routes and state regulations. Liaising with Queensland Road Transport is also an important part of the job, so do your research and select the most experienced company in your area.

Are they local or national?

If you want your machinery moved across Australia and through different states, you need a company that does this every day. There is no point in hiring a heavy haulage logistics solutions company if they only operate in Queensland, but you need your machinery delivered to Perth. So even though they are experienced in the industry, the company you select needs to have interstate experience for your loads.

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7 tips for taking a drop deck extendable trailer on the road

A drop deck extendable trailer is used for hauling heavy oversized loads on the road and takes a particular type of skillset to accomplish safely, as well as keeping within a tight budget and fixed deadline. If you are considering hauling your own drop deck trailers across Australia with an oversized load, here are 7 tips will keep everyone safe on the road.

  1. Understand the regulations: All states and territories across Australia have rules and regulations governing the transport of oversized loads on our roads, whether this is on an extendable trailer, prime mover or other type of heavy haulage truck. You must know and understand all of these rules, before you hit the road.
  2. Obtain all permits: All oversized loads need to obtain the correct permits before heading out and this includes permits for driving within urban and city areas. Whether or not you need a permit for your drop deck extendable trailer or heavy haulage truck depends on the dimensions of your load and truck, and you will also need to complete a form to apply for a police escort if needed.
  3. Research the route: You will need to map out the route, avoiding heavy traffic areas, road works, low hanging branches and bridges, and narrow corners. Heavy haulage trucks and drop deck trailers need a wide turning angle, so it is essential that you select the safest route to your destination, including fuel stops and overnight stops as needed. Timing is essential, particularly if you are restricted to driving between certain hours.
  4. Use the right trailer: Selecting the right type of transport for your heavy and oversized load is essential, otherwise you can jeopardise the project and put everyone’s safety at risk. The most common trucks used for heavy haulage are drop deck extendable trailers, drop deck trailers, and extendable trailers.
  5. Secure the load: You need to make sure that the weight of the load is equally distributed across the axles of the trailer, to reduce the likelihood of a blowout. Also, the load needs to be restrained, so that it doesn’t move during transit.
  6. Hire experienced drivers: Driving heavy, oversized loads is not something that any driver can do, instead it requires a very skilled and experienced driver. If your company doesn’t have anyone with this type of experience, give us a call and we can help you out.
  7. Pilot trucks: Not all oversized truck loads need to be escorted by a pilot vehicle, but if your load qualifies, you might need one in front and even one behind as well. An experienced oversize trucking company will know whether you need a pilot car or not.

If you need a drop deck extendable trailer, drop deck trailer or extendable trailer for your next oversized load transportation, get a quote online today.

Forrest Logistics – A name you can trust for transporting oversized loads

Based in Brisbane, Forrest Logistics is a 100% Australian owned transport company specialising in transporting oversized loads across Australia. Over the years we have accumulated a massive amount of experience within the industry and we have become one of the leading companies providing oversize transport services in Queensland.

We have a proven reputation for completing jobs on time and within budget, as well as being able to thoroughly understand the needs of our clients. With more than 20 years in the industry, we have built up a formidable reputation for handling difficult and oversize loads, including structural steel of all shapes and sizes.

Our fleet of specialised trucks includes steerable jinkers, prime movers, flat top trailers, container pin trailers, drop deck trailers and the list goes on. Transporting oversized loads across Australia is our bread and butter and we are very good at what we do.

Why are our oversize transport services better than everyone else?

Calling Forrest Logistics when you are transporting oversized loads around Australia is simple common sense. This is because we always put our customer’s needs first and provide a superior service, every time.

  • We provide a personalised service to our clients that’s tailored to your needs.
  • Our attention to detail is second to none and we make sure all the boxes are ticked before we head off on the road.
  • Whilst being realistic, our prices are extremely competitive.
  • We have more than 20 years’ experience in the industry.
  • Our specialist transport fleet is always growing and we have customised vehicles for specific projects.
  • Our safety record is flawless

We even provide pilot drivers and pilot vehicles if they are needed, organise all of the necessary permits, and find solutions to low hanging branches, roadworks, low bridges and narrow roads. At Forrest Logistics we stand by our reputation and guarantee that when you use our oversize transport services you will come back again and again.

At Forrest Logistics, we specialise in transporting oversized loads for the mining industry and the railroads, as well as transporting switch rooms, steel pipes and fabricated steel around Australia.

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What does the Transportation Industry National Heavy Vehicle Regulator do?

Within the transportation industry, heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonnes came under the auspices of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) in 2013 with the HVNL law becoming operational in 2014. These heavy vehicles are generally used for oversized truck loads across Australia and the NHVR is responsible for enforcing the HVNL, and administering and supplying access permits for these vehicles.

The NHVR has a number of functions within the transportation industry

The NHVR issues a number of different permits for heavy vehicles that are used for oversized load transport, including cross border permits, B-double, road trains and higher mass limits permits (HML). However, from early in 2014, and in an effort to reduce the processing times, applications for some permits are processed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads in Queensland – if the trip is within Queensland. These include all Class 1 Oversize and Overmass (OSOM) permits within the transportation industry, as well as Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) permits.

In addition to issuing permits for heavy vehicles used in the oversized load transport industry, the NHVR is also responsible for all modifications to the heavy vehicle standards and exemptions. It’s also responsible for fatigue management, which includes a national driver work diary, not forgetting compliance and enforcement of the HVNL via transport inspectors and police services.

Oversized truck loads that have been pre-approved for their route by local governments must still apply to the NHVR for an access permit before heading off on the road. In these instances, it’s important for the manager of the oversized load transport to include this pre-approval with their application, otherwise the NHVR will need to approach the relevant local government to obtain approval for the route, increasing the application time.

The biggest change with the introduction of the NHVR and the HVNL is the need for drivers of fatigue related heavy vehicles to complete a work diary if working more than 100km from their base, not 200km as previously required. From the point of view of the oversized load transport industry, this includes a truck or a combination plus a truck with a GVM of over 12t with a machine or implement attached.

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What haulage solutions do we offer for your oversized truck loads?

At Forrest Logistics we specialise in hauling heavy, cumbersome and oversized truck loads across Australia and we have a large fleet of well-maintained haulage trucks in our fleet. Most of our jobs require a steerage jinker or a dolly, along with an extendable trailer.

We are always expanding our fleet to accommodate new clients and different types of loads, so if you are searching for an experienced company to project manage your next oversized road transportation, why not call us for a free quote?

Here are just a few of the vehicles we currently have in our fleet, which are kept ready to manage your next oversized truck loads.

Dolly and steerable jinker: These are trailer extensions that can be coupled to a prime mover to maximise the truck’s carrying capacity. Our dolly trailers have 2 or 3 axles with a turntable that attaches to the truck and our steerable jinkers are similar to a dolly, except that they are connected by a pole, cable or the load itself.

Extendable trailer: We have a number of extendable trailers to accommodate oversized truck loads that are too long for regular trucks or even too wide for the truck. Our fleet of extendable trailers includes drop deck trailers, drop deck extendable trailers, a deck widener and an extendable low loader. These trailers are ideal for hauling steel pipes, pre cast concrete, switch rooms and large mining equipment.

Platform trailer: These are ideal for general heavy hauling jobs up to 130 tonnes, but can be extended for larger loads. This type of trailer is used for moving large farm and mining machinery, cranes, trains and general machinery.

Vessel carrier: Sometimes oversized truck loads need to be carried low to the ground, much lower than normal, simply due to their bulk and height. Our vessel carriers are designed to operate with a very low road clearance, making it perfect for this type of oversized load.

Customised trailer: As a heavy haulage expert, we have a number of customised trailers that can be adapted to haul a variety of oversized truck loads for our clients.

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How do you become a pilot car driver?

A pilot car driver is often a necessary requirement when hauling heavy oversized loads on our roads. This is because a pilot vehicle that accompanies our specialised transport trucks, either travels ahead or behind the truck to ensure that both the driver of the truck and the public are always kept safe.

However, the job of a pilot driver involves more than just following along with these heavy loads. These drivers must have an intimate knowledge of the route and be on the lookout for any hazards or dangers, well in advance of the truck. Large haulage trucks don’t have a lot of manoeuvrability and they don’t stop very quickly, so the pilot vehicle is there to give plenty of notice and directions to the heavy haulage driver, particularly in and around built-up areas.

It is important to realise that not just anyone can hop into a pilot vehicle and tag along with an oversized truck. Pilot car drivers must be qualified and accredited in the state or territory where they live, however once accredited, they can accompany our specialised transport trucks interstate, but they must abide by all rules in every state or territory.

Steps to become an accredited pilot car driver

  1. You must either hold a current Australian or New Zealand driving licence or have previously had an open licence. In the latter circumstances, you must hold a probationary or restricted driving licence for a car.
  2. You must meet the competency requirements, which can be achieved in two ways. First you can provide a Statement of Attainment (TLIC3010) for a Pilot or Escort of Oversized Vehicles and/or Overmassed Loads, issued by a registered training facility. Alternatively, you need to sit and pass a written test at your local Department of Transport and Main Roads.
  3. You then need to apply for your pilot car driver licence, using the accreditation application form (F4483) and submit this to your local Department of Transport and Main Roads. Pay the application fee and you will be given a Pilot Vehicle Driver Level 1 licence that lasts for 3 years.

As you can see, our pilot car drivers are qualified, accredited and highly experienced, helping to make sure that all of our specialised transport trucks are safe on the road.

If you have an oversized heavy load that needs expert transportation, call Forrest Logistics and get a quote online today.

Are accidents common when transporting oversized loads?

Transporting oversized loads on our roads is a highly specialised business and if not undertaken by experienced oversize transport services, can result in serious accidents. Fortunately, few if any oversized truck loads are ever involved in serious accidents in Australia, mainly because of the enormous number of safety factors that are built into every heavy haulage project.

Forrest Logistics are one of the leading oversize transport services in Australia and we are proud to say that we have an excellent safety record. Some of the safety measures that are necessary when transporting oversized loads include the right equipment, pilot vehicles, veteran drivers and an experienced project manager to oversee the job.

Transporting oversized loads requires the right equipment

Without the right equipment to haul these heavy loads, more accidents would happen on our roads. This is why businesses turn to experienced oversize transport services who have the right type of trucks, ensuring that their loads arrive safely at their destination.

Pilot vehicles can be vital for safely delivering oversized truck loads

Pilot vehicles are quite often one of the biggest factors in keeping our truck drivers safe on the roads. This is because they warn the truck driver of any hazards or obstacles on the road, and they also warn other road users that a large oversized truck is on its way.

We only employ veteran truck drivers

All of our truck drivers are highly experienced veterans and have thousands and thousands of miles under their belts. We rely heavily on our truck drivers to bring home their heavy loads safely and they have never let us down. Driving these oversized truck loads is no mean feat and it takes years of experience and know-how to gain the confidence and the skills that are needed when transporting oversized loads on our roads.

All of our project managers are highly experienced

The entire job is pulled together and supervised by our experienced project managers who scout out the best routes, organise fuel stops and overnight stays, co-ordinate with police and road works, contact electrical contractors for low hanging cables, councils about low hanging branches, and obtain all of the necessary permits for transporting oversized loads.

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5 Factors to consider when transporting oversized loads in Australia

Transporting oversized loads in Australia is a specialised business. This means that if your company has a big load that needs to be delivered, you might need to talk to your local oversize transport services, before you hit the road. It is so easy to get the dimensions wrong and end up being pulled over by the police, because your load is too big for the truck and you should have used a pilot vehicle.

So here are 5 factors to consider, before you put the pedal to the metal.

  1. Truck limits: It is essential that you know the legal size limits for trucks on our roads. Knowing when you are fine to transport the load yourself and when you need to use oversized load transport trucks instead, can make a huge difference to your day. Each state will have their own limits and if you travel interstate it becomes even more complicated – so do your research before you leave.
  2. Weight limits: You not only have size limits for transporting oversized loads, but you also have weight limitations as well. Certain weight loads need a set number of axels and the number of axels is also limited on our roads. The entire situation can become quite complicated, so if you are uncertain about the regulations, it pays to engage a company that specialises in oversize transport services.
  3. Pilot vehicles: Do you need a pilot vehicle or police escort for your road transport? There are rules that outline whether or not you need a pilot vehicle or a police escort depending on the size of the oversized load transport, whether it is day or night, and whether you are hauling one trailer or a prime mover and semi-trailer combination.
  4. Safety signs: When you are transporting oversized loads on our roads you will require a number of safety signs and flashing lights to make sure that you can be seen easily on the road. Each state will outline what safety signs are needed, so you will need to contact the transport department of your state to make sure that you adhere to these regulations.

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3 Tips on transporting oversized loads safely on our roads

If you don’t know much about transporting oversized loads on our roads, the whole endeavour can seem overly complicated and very time consuming. In essence, you can’t just load up your truck and hit the road, because if you really need an oversized load transport truck and not your old flatbed, you can be hit with some serious fines.

Companies that specialise in oversize transport services have all of this information at their fingertips. Regular business owners however, might not realise that their big loads require special handling and must adhere to specific state rules and regulations.

If you have a big load that needs to be moved, here is a short overview of your responsibilities to ensure that you keep everything legal.

Do you require oversized load transport?

The maximum dimensions for trucks hauling one trailer (pig trailer, dog trailer or tag trailer) are different to those for a prime mover semitrailer combination (drop decks, low loaders, loader dollies, jinkers and extendable trailers). This means that to decide whether or not you need oversize transport services, you must match the size of your load to your truck and each state has their own rules, which complicates the matter even further.

Transporting oversized loads requires permits

If you have decided that your load is oversized, you will need to obtain permits from each state along your route. You will also need to decide whether or not you need a pilot vehicle and police escort, and whether you can travel during the day or at night. Obtaining all of these permits can take time, but hitting the road in an oversized load transport truck without the correct permits will cost you a serious amount of money in fines.

Checking out the route for your oversized load transport

Some oversized loads cannot travel through towns or cities or are restricted to specific times during the night. There might also be roadworks, tree branches, low bridges, and electrical cables that cause problems, all requiring you to liaise with local councils. You also need to ensure that the route has sufficient fuel stops and layover areas.

Not sure if you need oversize transport services? Chat to our specialists today or get a quote online.

What’s involved in transporting oversized loads

At Forrest Logistics, we are specialists in transporting oversized loads across Australia, so we know exactly what it takes to accomplish this feat. If your company needs to transport an oversized load anywhere at all in Australia, it is essential that you don’t try to do this yourself, but you engage a company that specialises in oversize transport services.

The main reason for this is the safety of pedestrians and traffic on our roads and the safety of everyone who is ‘hands-on’ involved in actually moving the oversized load transport – truck drivers, loaders and pilot drivers.

Whilst safety is an ongoing concern at every stage of the journey when we are transporting oversized loads, there are four areas where most of the problems can occur and require extra vigilance.

  1. Reversing: Reduced visibility when reversing these oversized load transport trucks is a major cause of injuries and deaths in the transport industry. This is why we need to meticulously check the entire route of the journey, before we even load the trucks, selecting a route that minimises the amount of reversing that is required.
  2. Loading and unloading: Anyone who works in oversize transport services knows that this is another area when injuries can occur, which is why we need special heavy duty equipment to load and unload these trucks. We also need to make sure that these oversized loads are secured on the trucks, so that they don’t move in transit, causing problems when unloading commences.
  3. Selecting the trucks: With these massive loads, we need to use the right type of trucks that can take the weight and the unbalanced nature of many of these loads. The wrong truck can cause huge safety issues, which is why we have a fleet of specialist trucks we use for transporting oversized loads.
  4. Towns and cities: Trying to move these huge loads through built-up areas requires a lot of research and time spent on designing the perfect route. Overhanging branches, electrical cables, narrow bends and road works are just some of the safety issues we need to negotiate to safely deliver your oversized load transport to its destination.

If you need specialist oversize transport services for your next delivery, why not get a quote online today?

How do specialised transport companies get your oversized truck loads from A to B?

Moving oversized truck loads across Australia is a complex business, requiring specialised transport and people who know all of the rules and regulations. Oversized loads can be anything from steel pipes to excavators, switch rooms and precast concrete, items that cannot be dismantled without threatening its structural integrity and must be transported intact on our roads.

As you can imagine, taking these loads on our roads can be a serious hazard to the public, which is why you need the help of a company that specialises in oversize transport services to manage the job for you.

Stages involved in moving oversized truck loads

Forrest Logistics has a long standing reputation for moving oversized truck loads, and project managing the entire operation from loading to unloading, and ensuring that your loads arrive safely at their destination. Not every transport company can move these big loads, because it takes a lot of knowledge to put this type of operation together. For example, you need specialised transport, trailers and equipment, and you also need pilot trucks, skilled drivers and a full understanding of the rules and regulations.

When you run an oversize transport services company, managing this type of job starts well in advance of the actual loading, as the entire route has to be mapped out. We need to organise fuel stops and rest overs along the route, check for any hazards, such as low hanging branches, narrow roads, low bridges, overhead electrical cables and of course, road works.

We will need to contact the local councils and other appropriate people along the route to arrange for cables to be lifted, branches to be lifted or cut, and also apply for the correct permits to allow us to take oversized truck loads through towns and city centres. The loads we carry can be so big that we often need a police escort for part of the journey and sometimes we can’t take these big loads through a city. We can also be restricted to travelling at night, causing as little disruption to local traffic as possible.

If you need specialised transport to move your oversized truck loads from A to B, get a quote online today or call us on 0407 759 483 and we can start organising your next trip immediately.

Transport of steel or concrete? No job is too big!

At Forrest Logistics in Brisbane, we are well known for our expertise in transporting oversized loads on Aussie roads. In particular, we specialise in the transport of steel and precast concrete from the plant to its final destination, including project management and pilot vehicles as needed.

Steel transport is a specialised job, and in many cases requires customised cradles to ensure that the loads are not damaged during transit. The loading, unloading and transport of precast concrete is another area that needs expertise, ensuring that the structural integrity of the loads is not damaged during any part of the transportation process.

Whatever large, oversize or cumbersome loads you need transported on our roads, Forrest Logistics is the company to call when you want it done right, first time.

The safe transport of steel on our roads

Whether it is structural steel or high precision tubular steel products, our customers demand that their oversized steel loads arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they left the plant. For this to happen, our drivers undergo extensive training and have access to the latest equipment, ensuring that your loads are safe as houses on the road.

Steel transport in Brisbane is big business and with our expertise and industry knowledge, we have become the leading company in transporting steel around the country.

The safe transport of precast concrete on our roads

The safe transport of precast concrete is a delicate business and any mishap can result in a loss in the integrity of these products. This is why we have a fleet of trucks that are constantly maintained and drivers and loaders that are trained in handling concrete panels, beams and pylons, keeping these items restrained and fully secure throughout the trip.

Forrest Logistics is well positioned as the leading company in the safe transport of steel and precast concrete in Brisbane and around Australia. We continue to strive for excellence and provide our customers with a full transportation service, including pilot vehicles as necessary.

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The top 5 industries that use oversize transport services

At Forrest Logistics, we specialise in transporting oversized loads on our roads and freeways. An oversize load is a “non-divisible” load, meaning that it cannot be separated into smaller units without damaging the load. Consequently, the weight and the size of the load requires it to be transported on a truck, which is why we need oversize transport services to manage this type of hazardous procedure.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the industries in Australia that make use of our oversize transport services, so you can understand why these loads are so large.

  1. Steel fabrication: As you can imagine, structural steel fabrication comes in all shapes and sizes, and the larger pieces will lose their integrity if they are cut down in size. This means that we are frequently called in to manage the transportation and logistics of these loads on our roads throughout Australia.
  2. Switch room and portable buildings: Clearly a switch room cannot be cut down to size and portable buildings also have their limitations, as far as being divisible is concerned. Transporting oversized loads such as these, can be very challenging, but with our safety record, we are up to the job.
  3. Rail: Supplying railway line in longer lengths enables the contractor to speed up the insulation process when laying new tracks. The longer the lengths, the less welding required to join the line. Forrest Logistics transports oversize loads of railway line throughout Australia..
  4. Steel pipe manufacturing: Steel pipes are cut into specific lengths, but they can only be reduced in size so far, before they lose their integrity. Transporting these oversized loads requires special cradles to keep the pipes from moving around and from being damaged during the trip.
  5. Mining industry: The majority of the earthmoving and mining equipment used by the mining industry are extremely large. This requires our oversize transport services to come on board and manage the delivery of these items, so they arrive safely at the mine sites.

Transporting oversized loads requires years of experience and a solid reputation for safety and timely deliveries. Get a quote online today or call us on 0407 759 483 to discuss your requirements.

What qualifies as an oversized truck load?

In Queensland and across Australia, oversized truck loads are those that exceed the stated weight, width and height restrictions that are safe for our roads and freeways. The loads are oversized because they cannot be dismantled any further and have to be delivered as is, resulting in a very large load.

Companies that offer oversize transport services, must comply with the myriad of regulations that govern these trucks and keep up to date with any legislative changes. The regulations for oversized load transport vehicles can be slightly different, depending on where you are in Australia, so every company must have a thorough understanding of these rules, particularly if they cross interstate lines.

Does the oversized truck load require a pilot vehicle?

Not all oversized truck loads require a pilot vehicle in Australia. For example, if it is below 3.5m in width and 25m in length then it does not need a pilot vehicle. Above these dimensions however, and depending on the size of the load, the truck can need one escort vehicle in front, one behind and one in front, and can even require a police escort vehicle.

All oversized loads require permits to travel on our roads, some can only travel during the day and others require a permit to travel at night. Any company that offers oversize transport services, must check the route in advance, as well as determine the fuel stops along the way. All road works, narrow roads and bridges, winding roads, steep hills, and low lying branches and electrical cables must be identified and the appropriate people contacted.

At Forrest Logistics, we specialise in project managing oversized loads. Get a quote online today or call us on 0407 759 483 to discuss your requirements.